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Newcomb Presbyterian Church is a family of believers, committed to strengthening faith in God for all people, growing spiritually, worshipping joyfully and sharing God’s love.​

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. for worship. Although rooted in traditional Presbyterian worship styles, we strive to praise God in a creative way through a blend of contemporary songs, traditional hymns and an inspirational sermon. Worship often  includes piano, acoustic guitar and soloists or small groups of musicians. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month. All who profess faith in Christ are invited to communion.




Doing everything for Jesus, we transform lives for Christ through joyful worship, nurturing faith, compassionate care, and courageous witness.



Core Value:   Growing in Faith

   Core Purpose: To Know God in Christ

   Vision: To be a community where people are nurtured in faith, love, and knowledge of Jesus Christ                           

              with open hearts and open minds.

Core Value: Worshiping with Joy

   Core Purpose: To Praise God in Christ

   Vision: To be a community that welcomes all people into authentic experiences of worship and praise

              throughout all aspects of church life.

Core Value: Caring for Others

   Core Purpose: To Serve God in Christ

   Vision: To be a community that inspires, empowers, and encourages people to lose themselves in servanthood

              by reaching out to others in love, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance both within and beyond

              this congregation.

Core Value: Sharing God's Love

   Core Purpose: To Proclaim God in Christ

   Vision: To be a community that seeks to bear intentional witness, through word and action, of

             God's redeeming love in their lives among those within the faith community, the wider community,

             and the world at large.

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